Letter from the CEO


We are very excited about the progress made over the past several months and continually delighted by the high level of interest in the Mainstreet Investment fund. Our team has been working hard to present a new form of decentralized investment, one that is deeply vested in traditional forms of equity management, but with a 21st century edge: tokenized assets on the blockchain.

The significance of this venture translates into a liquid and tradable investment opportunity that provides exposure to middle market, U.S.-based companies. Our goal is to create a new form of investment vehicle, an alternative to typical closed-end private equity funds which lock in investor capital until the end of a fund’s term. We are breaking new ground and must ensure that we not only host a successful launch, but that the fund conforms to international legal and regulatory standards.

Due to the unique nature of the offering, we have been hard at work with the Vanbex development team and attorneys at Cooley to ensure that all technical and legal documentation is in compliance with appropriate KYC/AML protocols and security required to issue the token. These aspects represent a critical component of complete regulatory compliance, which we believe requires additional time to finalize key commercial agreements and procedures necessary to initiate the sale. Based on guidance from our advisors at Cooley and Vanbex, we are rescheduling the token offering to Feb. 13, 2017 to finalize necessary documentation to allow the sale to proceed smoothly.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing new details about the fund’s structure, including the pipeline of companies, further details about the sale, and the format of an investor committee that will be established in concert within our overall goal for transparency. Charlie and I will be hosting a number of forums to directly inform the community on our progress as we approach the offering’s launch date. A forum will be held in mid-February in China following the completion of Lunar New Year celebrations.

As we continue to pioneer a new era of investment that will deliver significant opportunities for our investors, we want to thank you for your continued support and interest toward this endeavor. We have a solid team of advisors and counselors working hard to ensure this is a firm step forward in the evolution of investment, digital currencies and the broader blockchain community.

Thank you and all the best for a great year ahead.

Jason Granger
CEO, Intellisys

Intellisys is the General Partner of Mainstreet Investment LP, a private equity fund for tokenized assets on the blockchain.