Mainstreet Investment Releases Memorandum on Upcoming Token Sale


Mainstreet Investment Releases Memorandum on Upcoming Token Sale

Initial Token Offering Memorandum is a gesture of transparency to potential investors

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands — Mainstreet Investment, LP, a Cayman Islands limited partnership issuing a digital token security backed by real assets, has released a memorandum of details and procedures related to the company’s Mainstreet Investment Token sale planned for January 2017.

Today’s release of the Initial Token Offering Memorandum, or ITOM, outlines the Mainstreet sale’s goals and objectives according to Intellisys Capital, the fund’s general partner.

Led by Intellisys’ Chief Executive Officer Jason Granger and Charlie Shrem, the company’s chief technology officer, the fund will aim to change the way investment can occur through the use of blockchain technology.

“We want to be as upfront and transparent as possible about the token offering and what investors can expect,” said Shrem. “We’re raising the bar when it comes to raising funds through an initial token offering.”

The memorandum is meant as a gesture of transparency to potential investors or anyone interested in the token offering.

The crowdsale of 50 million Mainstreet tokens is scheduled to launch on Jan. 15. The tokens can be purchased with bitcoin or ether. The sale is capped at US$25 million, with a 10 percent holdback for additional investment and working capital needs for existing investments. Any unsold tokens will be burned immediately following the sale.

The sale will run until March 15, adhering to the following pricing schedule:

Week 1-2: 900 MIT/BTC
Week 3-4: 750 MIT/BTC
Till close: 500 MIT/BTC
Bulk Discounts Available: Contact Investor Relations

Intellisys, as managing member and general partner of the fund, will help guide Mainstreet Investment in the use of proceeds from the sale to invest in United States middle-market operating companies, fund-of-funds, and real estate projects that will increase investor awareness and attract future investment opportunities.

According to Intellisys, this approach will raise the fund’s credibility in mainstream markets, becoming a showcase for blockchain projects looking for recognition from larger investors.

“As we provide distributions to investors,” Shrem said, “we will look at blockchain companies that will be synergistic with our portfolio companies.”

Building on Shrem’s comment, Granger said, “The Mainstreet Investment token offering will change the game for investing on a worldwide stage.” The high level of excitement associated with the project “keeps our team getting out of bed every morning to see what we’re going to do next.

“What we are attempting to achieve will merge investment, securities law and technologies in a way that has not yet been done,” Granger said.

Intellisys will be holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA) live video session, open to any members of Coinfund’s Slack channel where the event will be broadcast on Wednesday, Dec. 21 starting at 11 a.m. (EST). Sign up at

Intellisys and the Mainstreet Investment BitcoinTalk announcement can be found here. Questions and comments in relation to Intellisys and Mainstreet Investment are encouraged.

A full copy of the offering memorandum with complete details on the token sale can be found here:
Download Here.

About Intellisys Capital
Intellisys Capital LLC is the general partner of Mainstreet Investment, LP, a limited partnership private equity fund powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Led by Jason Granger and Charlie Schrem of Intellisys, Mainstreet Investment is issuing a digital token security backed by real assets and which provides real investment returns to holders. The fund will invest private equity funds for the purchase of U.S.-based middle market operating companies, fund-of-funds, real estate, and blockchain-capable technology.

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