Mainstreet Investment Removes Restrictions, Widens Investor Eligibility

Mainstreet Investment Removes Restrictions, Widens Investor Eligibility

Sale of 50 million digital tokens launches Feb. 27 [updated]

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands — Cayman Islands limited partnership Mainstreet Investment is pleased to announce that the previous restrictions have been lifted and investors across the Northeastern hemisphere, are now eligible to participate in Mainstreet’s forthcoming digital token sale, subject to local laws and restrictions.

“We’ve extensively reviewed the international investment landscape to shield the Mainstreet token offering from a multitude of unknowns,” said Jason Granger, chief executive officer of Intellisys Capital, Mainstreet’s general partner. “In the process, we determined that the U.S. and Hong Kong are the only fully restricted jurisdictions for the sale.

“We’ve opened many jurisdictions across the international community as a result of our in-depth review of regulatory restrictions, which opens up a significant opportunity in countries throughout the international community.”

Individual investors will be required to self-certify and acknowledge they understand and are adhering to the laws of their region of residence and assume the associated risks for an unregistered security, Granger said.

“From the outset, careful compliance with the highest standards of international securities regulation has been at the forefront of our preparations to issue the industry’s first tokenized security on the blockchain.”

Intellisys has hired Trulioo, a Vancouver, B.C.-based provider of identity confirmation software, to ensure that information provided by investors fully complies with Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer requirements.

The Mainstreet Investment Token goes on sale Feb. 27, with 50 million Mainstreet Investment Tokens (MITs) available for purchase. The sale will run through April 27, 2017, or until all tokens have been sold.

Proceeds from the Mainstreet sale will fund the acquisition of U.S. middle-market companies. The sale is capped at US$25 million, with a 10 percent holdback for additional investment and working capital needs for existing investments.

A full copy of the offering memorandum with complete details on the token sale can be found on the Intellisys and Mainstreet websites at and

About Intellisys Capital

Intellisys Capital LLC is the general partner of Mainstreet Investment, LP, a limited partnership private equity fund powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Led by Jason Granger and Charlie Schrem of Intellisys, Mainstreet Investment is issuing a digital token security backed by real assets and which provides real investment returns to holders.

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